Speaker Reconing:

Do your speakers need reconing? If your speakers are “vintage,” their cones may have become brittle with age. There are also other reasons your speaker cones may require replacement – overdriving being one. Overdriving is troubling on a few fronts. One, your speaker cones can easily become damaged if they are driven beyond their compliance. In this case, the cone becomes physically distorted, fatigues, and breaks or splits apart. Overdriving can also cause voice coils to fail as the high-current associated with clipping (DC) can burn a voice coil open. If you’re not overdriving, yet your voice coil has still failed, (and certainly on more than one occasion), you may have an issue with the DC offset in your amplifier.

Over the years, Millersound has professionally reconed thousands of speakers, including most of the major brands you know, (please see list of brands on this page). Whether it be speaker reconing, voice coil replacement, a misaligned magnet repair, spider repair or replacement, refoaming, etc., Millersound possesses the knowledge, experience, tools and equipment necessary to make your speakers sound like new, (or better) again.

Don't just take our word for it. If you don't know us and are considering Millersound for your upcoming speaker repair(s), you can find a plethora of reviews on the Web. Click here to visit Audiokarma, a forum devoted to all things audio. You can also head to Google and search for "millersound speaker repair," or simply click here to launch a search page pre-loaded with the aforementioned keywords.

Ready to send in your speakers for reconing?

FIRSTLY & RESPECTFULLY, We do not provide service outside the United States. Respectfully, no exceptions.

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Speaker Reconing


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