We refoam any speaker (also known as a driver), from 3" diameter up to 18" diameter. Refoaming is the most common repair.

We recone speakers from 8"inches up. Vintage speakers are no problem.

We maintain a large inventory of speaker parts but you should always call or email prior to shipping any speaker for service to ensure that we have the necessary components to complete the repair.

(We do not do automotive aftermarket speakers.)

Shipping instructions:

Packing pairs of drivers / speakers: always pack face to face, and secure together with several layers of tape around the circumference. Never place soft materials, such as bubble pack between them. Place in a square carton and pack around them with bubble wrap or tightly crushed paper.

Packing single drivers: wrap with corrugated cardboard around the speaker and place face down in the carton. Fill with bubble wrap or tightly crushed paper.